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About Me: I sing and play guitar. I like pizza, I have a crush on Tina, I wanna be best friends with Finn and Jake and I wish I was Ed Sheeran. Subscribe to my Youtube and Like my Facebook Page below!


buy me food and laugh at my jokes and i’ll love you forever

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follow me, i’m a good reblogger

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i just figured out the perfect murder

kill someone and bury them in their own garden

that way if the police find them they’ll think it was a suicide

#welp looks like the victim committed suicide and promptly buried themselves in their garden #how considerate of them

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yes that was the 1 picture I wanted to show you now gimme my phone back

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  • me at restaurants: is there wi-fi
  • me at the mountains: is there wi-fi
  • me at the beach: is there wi-fi
  • me at family parties: is there wi-fi
  • me at school: is there wi-fi
  • me in hell: is there wi-fi


im tired of things costing money

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when a cop yells “freeze” you can yell back “now everybody clap yo hands” and he is required by law to start clapping or else he will be arrested for treason and possibly deported from the country

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how much deeper would the ocean be without sponges

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Do you ever feel people staring at you and you like forget how to walk

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